Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Specialists

With 20 years experience in archaeology and heritage, ArchLink Archaeologists and Heritage Advisors can deliver the expertise and professionalism you’re looking for, within your budget.

Having worked with many local councils and government organisations, we understand the high level of professionalism and diligence required for matters of cultural and heritage significance.

How We Can Help

ArchLink is based in Melbourne, Victoria, providing a full range of archaeological services including:

• Preparation of Cultural Heritage Management Plans (CHMPs) to meet obligations under the Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006

Due Diligence Assessments and Preliminary Aboriginal Heritage Tests (PAHT) to explain your obligations and make an initial study of potential risks to heritage and legal compliance

Archaeology Assessments (for historical archaeology) to meet obligations under the Heritage Act 1995

Historical Archaeology Area Studies to proactively identify and assess the heritage assets in your area

Historical Research to understand the story of current heritage assets

We can assist you with understanding your cultural and heritage obligations under the law, and provide a no fuss, affordable service that will address your planning needs.

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