Bridge Inn Road, Mernda


Survey photo of Bridge Inn Rd exhibiting the severe road cutting

In 2012, Yarra Valley Water planned to construct a water main along Bridge Inn Road in Mernda. Located within the West Victorian Volcanic Plains, the area is characterised by a flat to undulating landscape, dotted by hilled formed by extinct volcanoes and lies within the land of the Wurundjeri Tribe. The Wurundjeri were informed of the assessment.

ArchLink conducted a preliminary cultural assessment to determine if any cultural heritage sites would be impacted by this proposed activity, especially because sites had previously been recorded in the general area. A site visit demonstrated that, although no sites were found during assessment, two rises in the area were considered to be of moderate significance. The area was also moderately sensitive for historic sites in the west near to the registered area of the Fashoda Homestead.

ArchLink recommended that Yarra Valley Water undertake a CHMP.


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