Darebin Creek Shared Path, Thomastown

The City of Whittlesea is planning to construct a shared trail within parkland along the Darebin Creek in Thomastown, approximately 16km nor-nor-east of Melbourne. Areas of this site were deemed culturally sensitive due to their proximity to the creek and a CHMP was thus required prior to development works. The site resides within the territory of the Wurundjeri Tribe who were involved in all stages of the CHMP production.


Multi-directional silcrete core

Two low-density lithic scatters were identified on the ground surface during survey, one located on a rocky outcrop on the bank of the creek, and one displaced from a slope. Materials present included silcrete and some quartz. Geometric microliths, a multi-directional core, scrapers, and utilised flakes made up the assemblages. The presence of these artefacts reveals that Aboriginal people have exploited this area for seasonal resources for many years.



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