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486 Kiewa Street is situated in the city centre of Albury, New South Wales. Albury is in the country of the Wiradjuri nation and was first explored by Europeans (Hamilton Hume and William Hovell) in 1824. The Albury national school (1849 - 1861) was the first building to occupy this area of land. Since then the land has been used for commercial buildings (1861 - 1964) and a car park (1964 - 2014).

Excavation and monitoring occurred on site from September to December 2014. The site clearly demonstrated layers of disturbance, with pits of white river pebbles evident throughout the site. Stone footings of the original 1880 buildings were revealed however. The most interesting artefacts recovered were a collection of Australian and international coins ranging from 1900 - 1941.












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