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ArchLink undertook archaeological monitoring at a site in Siege Street, Glenrowan in 2013. Siege Street is so named because of its associations with Ned Kelly’s infamous last stand in 1880.  Ann Jones’ Inn once stood on the corner block of this street. This was the inn where Kelly and his gang took refuge and housed hostages while they carried out their plans to derail and ambush trains containing police reinforcements.

ArchLink’s activity occurred three allotments from this corner site; situated where the police set up a line to surround the inn in 1880. Monitoring was thus required in order to locate any items related to the siege. A lead bullet and copper cartridge were found, though research discovered that these did not relate to the siege.
























Image 2: The remains of Ann Jones' Glenrowan Inn after the Kelly Gang siege in June 1880 (Supplied: State Library of Victoria)

Image 3: Ned Kelly, c.1880 (Supplied: State Library of Victoria)


Image 1: Locals gather inside the ruins of the Glenrowan Inn the day after the siege. (Supplied: State Library of Victoria)
Image 2: Jones’ Hotel was where the final confrontation between Ned Kelly and the Victorian Police began. (Supplied: State Library of Victoria)


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