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In 2012, Yarra Ranges was planning to construct a 2km long footpath from Belgrave to Selby. Located within the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges and surrounding hilly terrain, much of the activity area was within 200m of the named waterways, Clematis Creek and Monbulk Creek. A CHMP was therefore required.


ArchLink determined that road cutting, vegetation clearance, and installation of below ground services had previously heavily disturbed the entirety of the activity area. No Aboriginal cultural heritage was located during the survey and excavation.



















Stony Rd looking west towards the crest and east towards the floodplain.

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Header Images:

Images 1 and 2 supplied by S. Myers, ArchLink

Image 3: Postcard - Rose Series depicting Puffing Billy crossing the Trestle Bridge Belgrave, circa 1940 - 50, Courtesy: Emerald Museum & Nobelius Heritage Park, Emerald

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