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The La La Falls are located near the town of Warburton, approximately 76 km east of Melbourne. Prior to European settlement the people of the Woiwurrung tribes passed through or camped in the forest and along the tributory creeks of the nearby Yarra River.


After the town of Warburton was settled the falls were originally known as Bridal Falls but were renamed La La Falls sometime around 1910. The falls are located along Four Mile Creek, which was being logged at the turn of the century. The track was opened up as a timber tramway and remnants of the tram track can still be found in the forest. Today, the La La Falls walking track follows the old Four Mile Creek timber tramway for much of its length and is an enjoyable walk beneath a Grey Gum and Mountain Ash Canopy.

Over the last five years, the La La Falls walking track has seen an increase in tourists and the Forest Fire Management (Yarra District) division of the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) are looking to future proof the site by increasing car park capacity. As part of the development of a new carpark  a new walking track will also be built to link the new carpark to the existing walking track.

ArchLink was engaged to undertake a Cultural Heritage Management Plan at the site. The fieldwork involved survey and three days of complex testing to determine the extent and significance of any Aboroginal cultural heritage that might remain in the area.

Four Mile Creek
Yarra State Forest
ArchLink Heritage Advisor
Sieving for artefacts
Table sieve
LaLa Falls Tramway
Shovel Test Pit
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