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Kathryn Roddis

SENIOR Archaeologist &

Master of Professional Archaeology, La Trobe University

Bachelor of Archaeology, La Trobe University


After completing her Bachelor of Archaeology from La Trobe University, Kathryn joined the ArchLink team in 2016 as an archaeologist. Since then she has successfully co-authored serveral cultural heritage assessments (CHA) and cultural heritage management plans (CHMP) and is a valued member of our report writing team. Kathryn completed her
Master of Professional Archaeology at La Trobe University in 2023.


Prior to obtaining archaeological positions at ArchLink Kathryn participated in several large scale Victorian and international archaeological excavations giving her invaluable experience in all aspects of field archaeology.

Kathryn's key area of interest is in organic materials, particularly zooarchaeology, making her an important part of our cultural heritage team.  Kathryn is assisting with the cataloging and analysis of the organics assemblage from our current projects.


Recognised Cultural Heritage Advisor under the Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006


Full CV available upon request.


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