Flynn Street, Springvale

DSC_0125 copy

1x1m test pit

ArchLink was commissioned to undertake a CHMP for a multi-unit development involving construction of 8 dwellings at Flynn St, Springvale. Situated approximately 120m from Mile Creek, the region is characterised by coastal plain landforms, comprised of sandy dune ridges and intervening clay swamps.

Although there is no Registered Aboriginal Party with statutory responsibility for the subject area, there are 3 groups who are considered traditional owners: the Wurundjeri, the Bunurong, and the Boon Wurrung. All were contacted prior to commencing the CHMP, and representatives from the Wurundjeri and Bunurong participated in the study.

Though the ethno-historical evidence shows that, to some extent, Aboriginal people lived and conducted traditional practices around the activity area, no cultural heritage material was located during the CHMP.


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