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Sustainability is becoming more important for all companies, across all industries.


ArchLink is commited to improving how we operate in our ecological, social and economic environment. We believe in our corporate responsibility and have commited to implementing sustainablity intiatives across our work place, both in the office and while conducting fieldwork. 

Our sustainabile business practices include:

Zero waste

  • We are transitioning to plastic alternatives such as snap lock bags and boxes where possible or when commercially available

  • Compost program; food waste at the office is disposed in a compost bin.

  • Using compostable products such as sticky tape where possible

  • Reduce office waste to one bag a week

Recycling Program

  • Recycling program in the office; paper and cardboard have separate recycling bins

  • Using recycled printing paper in the office printers 

  • Investing in more reusable and/or recycled material products such as fluorescent light-bulbs, electronics, computers and monitors

  • Buying second-hand office supplies where possible

Electricity Conservation

Conserving energy is something we can all participate in by reducing the opportunities for wasting this valuable resource. ArchLink has commited to installing energy efficient lighting at our office. It is also our priority to only use suppliers and organisations that also embrace sustainable business practices. We look for energy-efficient electronic products and use environmentally friendly settings on office equipment. We choose computer, electronic, and IT acquisition products that are EPEAT registered to ensure the highest levels of efficiency.

Chemical Management

We are learning more and more about the impact of chemicals on our environment. We use only natural and plastic free cleaning products for the office. Our conservators strive to use green cleaning products and non-chemical products for artefact cleaning and while working with councils who propose pest control and weed management, we promote the use of non-chemical oproducts and the proper use and disposal of chemicals.

Partner with Employees

We have commited to investing in the training of our employees on the importance of sustaining the environment and we share with them what ArchLink is doing to help conserve resources. We encourage additional ideas from our employees for resource conservation. 


  • We use Hybrid vehicles We plan to switch out current work cars/trucks to electric vehicles when they are made readily available in Australia

  • Sign off emails with an environmentally conscious message 

  • Develop sustainability policies and procedures to reinforce the efforts, for example, power down equipment at the end of the day and enable energy savings settings on all computers and desktops.

The challenge to sustain the environment can be overwhelming, but if each of our organisations, large or small, does its part, we can all contribute to conserving this great planet that we call home.

Do you have a sustainable idea that we could employ? Let us know here!

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