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ArchLink can assist you with any historical heritage studies to proactively identify and assess the heritage assets in your area.


A historical heritage study may include historic research and photographic documentation to understand the story of your current heritage assets. Historical sites can include early settler archaeology and artefact scatters. Places of potential historical significance can also be under Heritage Overlays (HO). 

All historical sites and places are protected under the  provisions of the Heritage Act 2017.  If disturbance is proposed a process of archaeological investigation may be required in which case consent will be required from Heritage Victoria. If excavation is required then ArchLink has the expertise to conduct complete project management of your archaeological survey, testing and large scale excavation.


Our historical studies and research team can assist you with understanding your cultural and heritage obligations under the law, and provide a no fuss, affordable service that will address your planning needs.

If you have any historical project requirements please contact us.

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