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The ArchLink team are experts in archaeological excavation.

Our team of skilled archaeologists come from a variety of backgrounds with over 30 years experience in excavation methodology and techniques across Australia and the world. In addition, we are able to draw on a team of expert specialists including conservators, artefact specialists and historians, as well as a large network of sub-contracting excavation staff that enables the team to surge in capacity for large scale excavations and artefact analysis projects.


Sarah and the staff at ArchLink undertake regular training workshops and courses provided by our professional bodies, AACAI and ASHA, to keep in touch with the latest developments in archaeological practice.


Training workshops have included sessions on;

Raw materials used for making indigenous stone tools;

Human remains;

Animal bone;


Artefact conservation,

Glass and ceramic artefact identification;


Whether you need assistance with a small historical project or large-scale city excavations,  please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Recent excavation of Langlands Iron Foundry in Downie Street, Melbourne in 2018/2019.

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