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heritage assessments

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Any planned development or building project may require approvals in compliance with both Aboriginal and historical heritage legislation before it can proceed.


ArchLink can assist you by identifying if areas of cultural heritage sensitivity exist in your planned development area. In some cases a development may require approvals from both the Heritage Act 2017 and the Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006.


Preparing a Heritage Assessment requires a thorough investigation of the site and may include a due diligence report, researching of historical documents, photographic evidence, site plans and conservation management plans as well as partial sub-surface testing and salvage or the monitoring of initial ground disturbance. In some cases a full archaeological excavation may be required.


ArchLink are experts in providing Heritage Assessment Reports that outline your project's potential impact to historical or Indigenous heritage, and ensures you are at all times in compliance with state or territory legislation.


For more information about your legal requirements or to enquire about a Heritage Assessment please contact us.

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