Australian Wharf

Australian Wharf located adjacent to Collins Street Docklands, Victoria was recorded by ArchLink staff Sarah Myers and Fiona Shanahan in January 2015.  Australian Wharf was originally constructed in the 1850s, and underwent a major restructure in 1882 with the widening of the river. Further developments were undertaken until the present day.

Scaled drawings and photos were made of the wharf to ensure an accurate and detailed pictographic record of the site remains for future generations. During the fieldwork three major phases of development and building technique were noted. Interestingly, the state of deterioration in which the wharf remains allowed for the ArchLink team to see that most of the wooden piles had been built over others, visible below the water line at low tide, with a nail – like SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESmetal rod fastening the piles together through the centre. It is likely the original upper portion of the piles and associated structure and decking of the (1850s) wharf was removed completely in the 1882 restructure and replaced, incorporating only the lower portion of the original piles.


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